B3Africa Webinar – Mobile data collection, part II

Event Start Date:
24th May 2018
Event End Date:
24th May 2018
Event Venue:

Please note that the date of the webinar has been changed to 24 May 2018.

Date: 24 May 2018
Time: 13:00-14:30 CET/ France time
Target audience: Biobank and research professionals involved in data collection and data management.

Demonstrate how to map the data that has been uploaded to the ODK server in your eB3Kit;
• Demonstrate the integration with Baobab LIMS in your eB3Kit.

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  • Before attending this webinar, we strongly recommend to complete the following steps:
    Watch previous webinar on mobile data collection (if could not attend); http://www.b3africa.org/?page_id=1752 
    (video No 17)
  • Download the application “ODK Collect” on your Android mobile device
  • Open the application and go to “General setting”. Click on “Server” to access the server settings. Enter the following information:
  • Open ODK Collect on your mobile device. Click on “Fill blank Form”.
  • Select the form “B3Africa Sample Collection” and start your data collection. At the end of the questionnaire, click on “Save Form and Exit”.
  • The filled form is saved on your mobile device, but not yet sent to the server. This operation will be repeated by enumerator for each survey respondent.
  • From the main menu, you may go back to saved forms and edit them.
  • From the main menu, select “send finalized forms” to send forms to the server.

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