B3Africa Webinar 2

Webinar 2 on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI), led by Jane Reichel and Santa Slokenberga of Uppsala University to be held on  27 October 2016 at 14:00-15:30 CEST/French time Target Audience: B3Africa use case participants, biobankers, researchers, research administrators, members of ethics review boards and similar bodies. More details here.

B3Africa Newsletter N°3/2016 Now Out!

In this third and latest issue issue of the B3Africa Newsletter, the project presents news from the first and second technical Jamborees with a video, updates from the Annual General Meeting (20 June 2016 in Graz, Austria) and the launch of the B3Africa Webinar series. You will also find a list of upcoming events.  

Europe Biobank Week

The B3Africa project was showcased by the partners at the Europe Biobank Week with a session “Biobanking in the Spotlight – International Partnerships” and an award-winning poster.

Biobank Perspectives: current issues in biobank ethics and law. Issue No 2:2016

In this issue, Anna-Sara Lind gives an update on final results from the negotiations for a general data protection regulation in the European Union. You can also read about two papers: The first compares the risks associated with handling personal data in research to the benefits in terms of patient safety if individuals can be identified. The other […]

Primer on Law and Ethics for Researchers Involved in Biobanking

B3Africa work package 1 has collaborated with BBMRI-LPC to create a short primer on law and ethics for researchers involved in biobanking. The manuscript is currently undergoing open peer review as a preprint hosted by PeerJ. Researchers and ethicists interested in the topic are warmly welcomed to review and comment on the manuscript here.

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