Biobank Perspectives: current issues in biobank ethics and law. Issue No 2:2016

In this issue, Anna-Sara Lind gives an update on final results from the negotiations for a general data protection regulation in the European Union. You can also read about two papers: The first compares the risks associated with handling personal data in research to the benefits in terms of patient safety if individuals can be identified. The other […]

Primer on Law and Ethics for Researchers Involved in Biobanking

B3Africa work package 1 has collaborated with BBMRI-LPC to create a short primer on law and ethics for researchers involved in biobanking. The manuscript is currently undergoing open peer review as a preprint hosted by PeerJ. Researchers and ethicists interested in the topic are warmly welcomed to review and comment on the manuscript here.

Announcement of Upcoming H3Africa Funding Opportunities

The NIH has recently released seven (7) Notices of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcements for the second stage of H3Africa. For each of the seven (7) upcoming funding opportunities, the following dates are estimated for the announcement, the receipt of applications, the issuance of awards, and the start of grants. Estimated Publication Date […]

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